In today’s fast paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters the most – family.

Life with Petals, created by Sharan Kaur Patel, is an innovative brand committed to helping families and friends make time for things that matter.

Sharan has always been inspired by special moments between family and friends, and is always searching for new ways to immortalise memories and express ourselves through art and words. She wanted to create artisan gifts that are more meaningful than toys or toiletries.

For as long as she can remember, Sharan has loved stationery and paper crafts. As a child she would spend hours in stationery shops just picturing the magic she could make if given the chance. Stationery is more than just a way to stay organized. It helps us to take control of our lives, find happiness, create sentimental memories and re-establish our connection with others.

Sharan worked as a pharmacist for years before retraining as a clinical hypnotherapist. In search of more natural ways to ease her patient’s anxiety, Sharan started giving her clients vinyl affirmation stickers to place on their mirrors as reminders to be positive and kind to themselves. The results were incredible. She also recommended they start a gratitude journal but struggled to find one that was simple and fuss-free. So, she created her own. Shortly after Sharan conceived her ‘Peace by Piece’ well-being gift box which almost sold out at the Christmas fair on her first round.

That’s why she created Life with Petals, a place where you can discover a range of gifts for the whole family. We strive to foster relaxation, mental well-being and organisation – while bringing a smile to your face and making you feel good. We want to inspire every family member to create sentimental memories and connect with others, all through the power of creativity.

Everything you see on this website is lovingly created by Sharan with the help of her girls (the petals), Jiya (10) and Maahi (8). Click here to view what the family’s been up to on YouTube!

Life should be embellished with positivity and fun!